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My diverse experiences have prepared me to help clients suffering from a wide-variety of concerns. I hope that you will consider making an appointment with me so that we may begin a treatment plan to assist your recovery.


During college, I volunteered at a women's crisis center. My involvement with hospital visits and leading group discussions with victims was the catalyst for my decision to become a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist.


Upon graduation, I began working at an in-patient substance abuse facility for the indigent. My responsibilities included assisting the rehabilitation of people with chemical dependency issues at a halfway house and other outpatient services. 


I believe that the foundation for my objectivity and patience for treating people was born out of these early roles. Your issues, whatever they may be, are important to me and I want to help you.


Later in my professional development, I took a position with Travis County Integral Care advocating for patients with mental health and developmental challenges. My five years there on an Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team involved keeping people out of mental health facilities by integrating our services with their needs. It was an extremely successful program and I am very proud of my work there.


Before entering private practice, I worked for Ascension Seton Hospitals in a similar role to the ACT team. I created and managed an award winning Outpatient Case Management program to provide services to patients in hospitals, jails, and other facilities. I also worked as a therapist in the inpatient and outpatient units of Shoal Creek Hospital for several years.

I utilize EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy to help people work through their hardest experiences so they can live more rewarding and fulfilling lives.  I received my certification in EMDR in 2019.


My commitment to clients is to provide exemplary, thorough, and thoughtful care that benefits their long-term health and stability. Please contact me so that we may begin a successful treatment program together.



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